Thesis speaker verification

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His next years appear almost always. Programmed Speaker Verification Systems Can Be Fooled by Disguising Your Voice Programmed speaker check (ASV) frameworks are now and again used to concede access to touchy data and recognize associates in a court with law. Speaker verification is a technology that verifies a speaker’s identity based on the speaker’s voice.

Similar research done around the world can be traced back many years. Popular applications include financial transactions and crime investigation and prevention, among others. Speaker verification is a process to accept or reject the identity claim of a speaker by comparing a set of measurements of the speaker‘s utterances with a reference set of measurements of the utterance of the person whose identity is claimed.

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Indeterminacy of reference refers to the interpretation of words or phrases in isolation, and Quine's thesis is that no unique interpretation is possible, because a 'radical interpreter' has no way of telling which of many possible meanings the speaker has in mind.

We develop efficient 'compositional' model checking algorithms for safety of sequential recursive programs and parallel probabilistic systems.

In a sense, speaker verification is a match where one speaker's voice is matched to a particular template whereas speaker identification is a 1:N match where the voice is compared against a certain amount of templates.

Thesis speaker verification
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