Thesis options api

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Thesis 1 Options API Array Format for Most Option Arrays Explained

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Thesis Options API Array Format

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I n the first part of the tutorial we learned about creating Thesis box. While creating boxes facilitates adding new functionality, the other revolutionary feature of Thesis is the packages give you a. smartphones, fast and reliable mobile connectivity and simple, secure payment options.

These apps offer real benefits to customers, drivers and taxi booking companies and Use the Maps API to show the real-time location of the customer and driver. Thesis Options API Array Format for Most Option Arrays Explained by Dwight on September 15, Since the Thesis Options API is the at heart of the new Thesis + array options, studying the RTFM pages leaves one to wonder what this all means.

The Thesis Box API makes it incredibly easy to create options for your Boxes. You simply provide Thesis with information about your options, and it does the dirty work of outputting admin pages, data-handling, saving, and retrieving these options. Doctoral Dissertation Third Generation Web APIs Bridging the Gap between REST and Linked Data Markus Lanthaler Institute of Information Systems and Computer Media.

Thesis options api
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