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We summarize our main contributions as: 1) derive an efficient vision-based end-to-end learning system for on-road driving; 2) propose a novel attention-based learning architecture with sub-action space to obtain lane changing behavior using a deep.

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Aug 28,  · The applications of robotics are also increasing in areas where there is a risk to human life. Thesis and Research Areas in Artificial Intelligence Students looking for hot topics in artificial intelligence for thesis and research can work on any one of the following areas in artificial intelligence.

"Support Vector Machines Based Path Planning in an Unknown Environment," by Srinivas Tennety, a robotics approach toward mine clearing", Proc. of SPIE Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXI: Steering Control System Design and Analysis for an Unmanned Autonomous Mobile Robot Thesis by Kalyan Chakravarthi Kolli In this thesis we present a new contact predictor that combines evolutionary, sequence-based and physicochemical information.

The contact predictor uses a new and refined feature set with drastically reduced dimensionality. The end goal of a reactive flight control pipeline is to output control commands based on local sensor inputs. Classical state estimation and control algorithms break down this problem by first estimating the robot’s velocity and then computing a roll and pitch command based on that velocity.

Abstract This thesis focuses on moment and kernel-based methods for applications in Robotics and Natural Language Processing. Kernel and moment-based learning leverage information about correlated data that allow the design of compact representations and efficient learning algorithms.

We explore kernel algorithms for planning by leveraging inherently continuous properties of reproducing kernel.

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