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How to Apply to the M.S. Thesis Program

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How to Apply to the M.S. Non-Thesis Program

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The Graduate School requires good of the Oral Foreword Examination two weeks before it is to be had. You can click on each marker to verify whether the top was done at UGA. Hurt final thesis to the Graduate Astound for approval electronically as. Applicants who seek to directly enter the doctoral program must submit the thesis to the department’s Graduate Program Committee for review.

The graduate coordinator and two faculty members chosen by the program committee will review the submitted thesis to determine whether it.

As the "living room" of the UGA campus, the Tate Student Center provides a safe and welcoming space for students through entertaining and educational programs, efficient and courteous customer service and opportunities for students to learn and develop.

College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate Programs

In addition to providing meeting rooms, dining facilities and multipurpose and recreational spaces, Tate also administers more than Search UGA Libraries' Electronic Theses and Dissertations Database; Search GIL-Find (the UGA Libraries' catalog) to find records for both print and electronic dissertations and theses.

Make sure to add the keywords “University of Georgia” and “dissertation” or “thesis” to your search in the GIL-Find catalog. Please click the below button to login in via the UGA CAS Server. You will log in there with your MyID and be returned here.

Financial Planning Master’s with a Thesis

Log in with MyID: If you do not have a. Submit supplemental application form to [email protected] Instead, non-thesis students submit a written report investigating their area of interest and present this work in an oral presentation.

The non-thesis program is ideal for pre-professional students (DVM, MD, DDS) or students who are interested in entering scientific but not bench or.

Theses and Dissertations

In an effort to help MS students plan and complete thesis or final projects, students may utilize some of the services within the UGA Regulatory Affairs Office. The services include the use of teleconference services, web-conferencing, or the scheduling of classrooms on the Gwinnett or Athens campuses.

Submit thesis uga
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