Steve bruce secularization thesis

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Issue: Secularizing Religion

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Secularization In Defence of an Unfashionable Theory Steve Bruce.

Roy Wallis & Steve Bruce, “Secularization: the Orthodox Model”

Very clear and engaging presentation of secularization theory. Explains how such features of modernization as increased individualism and religious diversity undermine the power, prestige and popularity of religion.

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Essay on Secularization. 1) After 10 years since the publication of “God is dead: secularization in the West”, Steve Bruce returned to the topic of secularization in order to response on the objections raised against his theory. 'Steve Bruce's book has all the hallmarks of his work: clarity,verve, graphic illustration and common sense.

The argument isBruce's cumulative statement of the secularization theme, bringingthe various elements together in an impressive synthesis, as wellas building in counter-arguments, such as those to do with the roleof religion in ethnic /5(4).

Steve Bruce

Sociology of religion is the study of the beliefs, practices and organizational forms of religion using the tools and methods of the discipline of objective investigation may include the use of both quantitative methods (surveys, polls, demographic and census analysis) and qualitative approaches such as participant observation, interviewing, and analysis of archival, historical.



It has long been believed that secularisation is the inevitable by-product of Modernisation, and that the rise of modern science, pluralism, and consumerism is sure to usher in the decline of religion.

Steve bruce secularization thesis
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