Pll thesis razavi

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• PLL acts as a high-pass filter with respect to VCO jitter • “Bandwidth” is the modulation frequency at which the PLL begins to lose lock with the changing reference (-3dB). This thesis discusses the operation of a type-2, 2nd order charge pump PLL (CPLL) where the phase detector block is replaced with a phase/frequency detector (PFD) and charge pump combination.

Use of PFD block also allows for frequency detection in addition to phase. The PFD block has two outputs for UP and DN pulses respectively.

loop, fabricated in a partially scaled m CMOS technology.

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Configured as a master-slave circuit, the divider achieves a maximum speed of GHz with a power dissipation of 28 mW. 2. Phase-Locked Loop Circuit PLL General Description A Phase-locked loop is a mixed-signal electronic circuit that generates a high frequency output clock.

It is a feedback control system that constantly works on the input and the output clock phase relationship to get the desired output frequency. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research.

thesis function. PLL is locked when reference input and feedback output are matched with zero or constant phase difference between them.

So, PLL will provide N times multiplication of the reference frequency in locked condi-tion. We have designed 16 times frequency multiplier using divide by 16 counter in feedback.

Pll thesis razavi
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