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Thesis Topics For Petroleum Engineering Students

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The composition of this committee consists of the PhD research advisor, at least 2 other faculty members from the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, and at least one faculty member from another department in the University of Pittsburgh or from an appropriate graduate program at another academic institution.

Petroleum engineering is not a narrowly-focused engineering discipline. In addition to having a petroleum engineering and earth science background, a petroleum engineer must have a good understanding of basic engineering.

THESIS OBJECTIVES 1. Obtain in-depth slickwater fracturing parameter data from petroleum companies for two reservoir types, one a tight gas and the second a shale gas reservoir; 2. Produce a slickwater fracturing database where parameters can be organized and sorted to be exported for statistical analysis; 3.

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Home > Graduate and Professional Catalog > For the thesis option Master of Science degree, the student must prepare a thesis proposal for approval by the advisory committee and the head of the major department or chair of the interdisciplinary faculty, if applicable.

LABORATORY EVALUATION OF PROPPANT TRANSPORT IN COMPLEX FRACTURE SYSTEMS Master of Science Petroleum Engineering Thesis Proposal for Rakshit Sahai 09/20/ The attached document is a Master of Science thesis proposal for Rakshit Sahai. It contains a detailed outline of the proposed thesis work, objectives for the project and a summary of the completed coursework.

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering (thesis option) After admission into the Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering (non-thesis option), students may inquire with the Academic Advisor for Petroleum Engineering about how to pursue a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering degree.

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They must meet certain requirements below. The Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering (thesis.

Petroleum engineering thesis proposal
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