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Mahatma Gandhi University | Manuals and News Suggestions, additions and modifcations to be mailed to the Univesity Librarian at [email protected] The First Online Digital Theses library covering more than theses in Sanskrit, Malayalam, Hindi and English.

The First Online Digital Theses library covering more than theses in Sanskrit, Malayalam, Hindi and English The Digitilization project done for the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India commemorating 25 year of achievement. Jul 22,  · Earlier this year, the realms of law and new media collided when Lori Drew was hit with federal charges for creating a fake MySpace page and harassing a.

Online Theses Libraray of MG University ; Title / Sections Scholar Guide Branch of Study Year; A comparative study of leadership styles of managers in selected public sector and private sector banks in Kerala. (Click here for bottom) M m M. Latin, Marcus.A praenomen, typically abbreviated when writing the full tria nomina.

M'. Latin, Manius.A praenomen, typically abbreviated when writing the full tria nomina.

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Mgu thesis
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