Megumi ogata cruel angel thesis mp3

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Megumi Ogata

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Even Megumi Ogata (Shinji's VA) did a version of "Cruel Angel's Thesis". From the end of Mayumi's scenario in 2nd Impression is Kimi wa Kimi ni Umareta Wake, Not only is it sung by Mayumi's voice actress, Kyoko Hikami, but the lyrics also imply that it is actually Mayumi's Image Song.

Olinda, Brazil. Fresno - United States. Play and Listen 01 A Cruel Angels Thesis Mp3. 0 plays MB-Play Download Ringtone. A Cruel Angels Thesis Jazz. Play and Listen A Cruel Angels Thesis Jazz Mp3. 0 plays MB nge.

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Play Download Ringtone. Neon Genesis Evangelion Op A Cruel Angels Thesis. Megumi Ogata (緒方 恵美, Ogata Megumi, born June 6, ) is a Japanese voice actress and singer from the Greater Tokyo Area. As a singer, she goes by the name em:óu. She attended Tokai University, but left due to lack of interest.

Megumi ogata cruel angel thesis mp3
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