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She has impacted Members of Congress on a statement of national security and foreign policy ideas. The Campaign for Seismic Safety in Pakistan. The thesis, although mandatory for students wishing to graduate with honors in International Studies, is open as an option to all International Studies majors.

Study abroad is an integral part of the International Studies Program. Application Process Johns Hopkins University Schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering’s institution code is Arrangements may be made to take the GRE by contacting: Political Science: The sample of work could be based on a term paper on a.

PSURA. Political Science Undergraduate Research Award (PSURA) The Johns Hopkins University Department of Political Science and The Project on American Pluralism, with the generous support of the Kolker-Saxon-Hallock Family Foundation, invites applications for the Political Science Undergraduate Research Award (PSURA).

Michael A. Dennis Thesis: A Change of State: The Political Cultures of Technical Practice at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, (Leslie).

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Michael received a postdoctoral fellowship after graduation and following that was on the faculty in the Science and Technology Studies.

[email protected] Research Interests: Political Theory Ecological Political Thought; Science and Technology Studies; New Materialism; Democratic Theory. All thesis-related courses apply to the total of twelve (12) political science courses required for graduation in the major.

Graduate Programs The Johns Hopkins University Department of Political Science has built an international reputation for its strengths in theory and in innovative and trans-disciplinary approaches to uncovering new knowledge.

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