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High Harmonic Generation Thesis Writing – 340083

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Discrete Mathematics Seminar

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Master's thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. @article{osti_, title = {Generation of sub-optical-cycle, carrier-envelope-phase--insensitive, extreme-uv pulses via nonlinear stabilization in a waveguide}, author = {Sandhu, Arvinder S.

and Gagnon, Etienne and Paul, Ariel and Thomann, Isabell and Lytle, Amy and Keep, Tracy and Murnane, Margaret M.

University of Florida

and Kapteyn, Henry C. and Christov. April 10 (Lytle ) - Kenneth Zyma (Masters Thesis Defense) "Solving Medium-Scale Instances of the Cable-Trench Problem Applied to the Proposed LOFAR Super Station in Nancay France." April 2 - Even more discussion on the graceful labeling problem.

@MISC{Lytle08phasematching, author = {Amy Louise Lytle and Written Amy Louise Lytle and Margaret Murnane and Prof Henry Kapteyn and Amy Louise (ph. D}, title = {Phase Matching and Coherence of High-Order Harmonic Generation in Hollow Waveguides}, year = {}} The final copy of this thesis has been.

January Dr. Amy Lytle (University of Colorado and JILA) “Extreme Nonlinear Optics: Understanding and Manipulating High-order Harmonic Generation” January Professor Lilian Childress (Bates College) “Single Electronic Spins in Diamond: Quantum Information, Metrology and the .

Amy lytle thesis
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